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PPSR tips for Tradies

PPSR tips for Tradies

Quite amazed at how often creditors in a Liquidation still think that simply having a Retention of Title clause on invoices or in their T&C's will protect them and let them retrieve stock when a customer fails. It does not work that way any more people!! You must have a PPSR registration as well now or you will lose any rights to the left over stock you supplied when the customer goes into Liquidation. Registering on the PPSR is a very cheap insurance policy!

See the link to a handy release here from AFSA on simple PPSR tips for tradies (and indeed any small business). The guide for Businesses and their Accountants on the PPSR website is also great and has a lot more detail. Contact us if you need help locating it or want to discuss in more detail.


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