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Following are some of the key forms used in both personal and corporate insolvency administrations. Some of these forms can have serious implications so caution is required - you should contact this office to discuss specific circumstances before use. 

Bankruptcy Form

Use this form to apply for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Act 1966, or to submit your 'Statement of Affairs' where someone else has made you bankrupt through a court order.

Download Bankruptcy Form

If you need assistance with your bankruptcy application, please contact this office 

Report on Company Activities and Properties (ROCAP)

The Corporations Act 2001 requires the director to provide to the Liquidator/ Administrator/ Receiver and Manager a report in the prescribed form about the company's business, property and financial affairs called the 'ROCAP'. 

The ROCAP comprises of two parts:

If you need assistance with the ROCAP, please contact this office

Proof of Debt - Corporate

Use this form to lodge a claim in a corporate insolvency (liquidation, administration, receivership).
Download Corporate Proof of Debt

Proof of Debt - Bankruptcy

Use this form to lodge a claim in a personal insolvency (bankruptcy or Part X / Personal Insolvency Agreement (PIA)).
Download Personal Proof of Debt

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