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Welcome to the RCIG Blog!

Welcome to the RCIG Blog!

We have a new website and with it comes the facility to post the occasional article or other item we think might be of interest to our network of clients, referrers and occasional visitor to our site.   We hope you find them of interest!

As a boutique insolvency practice, we strive to assist people experiencing financial pressures (either personally or in a corporate entity or business), and to provide pathways to deal with those circumstances, for the best possible outcome for everyone involved, from the insolvent individual or director, to the creditors who are owed money. Clearly insolvency can be a distressing time, and we will always endeavour to make the process uncomplicated and minimise stress on all concerned. We think our hands-on, open, and easy-to deal -with approach is unique in the insolvency landscape and are confident we can assist you to achieve optimal outcomes, for less cost, than you will find anywhere else.

Feel free to Bookmark our website (www.rcinsol.com.au) and share any article or post with your online networks.

Should you have an enquiry about any Blog post, or about insolvency generally, contact Roland (m 0412 982 859) or Bill (m 0413 885 888) at any time, with no cost and no obligation.

Happy reading! 

Roland and Bill

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