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We are an independent boutique advisory firm specialising in restructuring of corporates and individuals who are experiencing financial distress.

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We support and engage closely with existing accounting and legal advisers in order to achieve the best results for all stakeholders in circumstances of financial hardship.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our cost effective and tailored solutions with your accounting or legal advisors, or directly with you.

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Armed with a suite of available strategies, we develop a financial restructuring plan and propose mechanisms, supported by a legal framework, which minimise the impact on the key stakeholders involved and provides for optimal outcomes.

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Voluntary Administration provides for a flexible mechanism to restructure an organisation with the general view of continuing trade. In doing so, the future of the organization and all key stakeholders, including creditors and employees, are considered within the restructuring plan to ensure the greatest benefit to all.

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Personal Insolvency Agreements (PIA) under Part X of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 provide a structure where Debtors can formulate a PIA proposal, for creditors’ consideration, as a mechanism to avoid bankruptcy. These arrangements are initiated with the assistance of a Registered Trustee, acting in the capacity as a Controlling Trustee.

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Kind words from Our Clients

Dealing with Bill & the team was as pleasant as one would hope for in an unpleasant circumstance that I found myself in as a tradie in early 2017.

Bill gave me a tonne of time & patience throughout the process. He restored confidence in me & my life & yes I was in a dark place. He really did restore my willingness to go on.

Life is certainly better, I have my life back on track, I see my children more, my anxiety & stress has gone & yes Bill I agree; should have done it sooner. Thank you.

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Are you interested in a rewarding career in Insolvency? We are looking for energetic people to join our growing in team in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Read on for more details...

The new Small Business Restructure (SBR) process has been introduced to the Australian corporate landscape, and we blogged on the topic back in February 2021.

A bit of water has passed under the bridge, and the facts are, despite a few problems areas, SBR’s are now being done in increasing volumes and are successfully helping small businesses negotiate with their creditors and offer a lifeline to allow business survival.

So it is worth remembering, what is an SBR? and when are they a viable option to deal with financial distress for small business…?

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